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IMC Schedule for AY 2020/2021!

On behalf of the advisory board (Michelle Dion, Cassy Dorff, Jeff Harden, Dustin Tingley, and Chris Zorn), I am pleased to announce the schedule of International Methods Colloquium series talks for the 2020-2021 academic year! Note that all talks begin at 12:00 Eastern Time and last precisely one hour (except for the Roundtable on Teaching Quantitative Methods, which will be a special one-and-a-half hour panel). Here is our schedule of presenters (and a link to our Google Calendar): Fall Semester ---------------------------- October 23: Jesse Shapiro (Department of Economics, Brown University) October 30: Luwei Ying (Washington University in St. Louis) November 6: Jason Barabas, John Kane, and Yamil Velez (Dartmouth / NYU / Columbia) December 4: Nicole Pashley (Department of Statistics, Rutgers University) Spring Semester ----------------------------- February 5: Andy Eggers (University of Chicago) February 12: Nora Webb Williams (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) February 19: Zoe Nemerever (UC San Diego) February 26: Shuai Jin (University of Massachussetts, Boston) March 5: Justin Grimmer (Stanford University) March 12: Magdalena Bennett (McCombs School of Business, UT Austin) March 19: Cameron Wimpy (Arkansas State University) March 26: Theresa Gessler (University of Zurich) April 2: Pedro Rodriguez (Vanderbilt University) April 9: Josef Woldense (Department of African American & African Studies, U. of Minnesota) April 16: Alex Siegel (UC Boulder) April 23: Oliver Rittmann (University of Mannheim) April 30: Roundtable on Teaching Quantitative Methods Additional information for each talk (including a title and a link to a relevant paper) will be released closer to its date.

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