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Summary of Requirements



To give an IMC presentation, you must:


1) use a Windows or Mac computer


2) participate in a practice session before your official presentation


3) have a wired internet connection


4) wear headphones


5) have a functioning webcam and microphone



Giving an IMC presentation is a great way to showcase your work to a broad audience and receive feedback from the larger methods community. Presenting only requires a computer with an active internet connection, a microphone and a webcam, no additional software or hardware is required for purchase. This page covers both the technical requirements and specific procedures for giving an IMC presentation.


Before you start:


Be sure that you have a functioning microphone and webcam for your computer as both are required.


Soon after confirming the date of your presentation, you will recieve an email containing links to register for your webinar and download the appropriate software. 







How to Present

Use the email like the one above to register and download the necessary software.


On the day of the presentation:


We ask that all IMC presenters join the appropriate webinar 15 minutes before the official start time for their presentation as there are a few tasks that presenters are asked to complete before the presentation starts.


First, we ask that you test you microphone and webcam to be sure that both are working properly. You may also want to wear headphones for the duration of the presentation in order to clearly hear questions and to avoid any audio feedback.


To join the webinar as a presenter use the link provided in either the registration email or the reminder email that will be sent as the webinar date approaches. 


Provide your name to log in.

Choose your audio sources:

Your audio and webcam will be automatically turned on once you join the webinar as a presenter. You can always mute yourself by clicking the "Mute" button on the lower left-hand corner of the Zoom panel. If necessary, you can also stop sharing your video by clicking the "Stop Video" button next to the "Mute" button.

To share your screen, click the "Share Screen" button on the bottom of the Zoom panel to share your screen:

You will be prompted to choose the screen you would like to share (highlighted in green):

After the above steps you should be set up to present. Further instructions or needed orientation will be handled live by the moderator.


For the Q&A session:

After you have finished presenting, the moderator will open the floor to questions and viewers will be able to write in their questions. Each question will be asked by the moderator with your responses broadcast to all viewers.


When the presentation concludes:

After the Q&A session is over the IMC staff will end the webinar and you may close all of the associated programs. 


If you experience any technical difficulty in delivering a presentation, please visit the Zoom FAQ or the Zoom customer support page for further information. For other inquiries, please contact

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