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You can watch IMC presentations from your Windows or Mac computer or mobile device (using the Apple or Android app). While viewing a presentation simply requires one of these devices and an internet connection, active participation in Q&A sessions also requires a cell phone or microphone for audio communication. This page covers both the technical and procedural requirements for viewing and participating in an IMC presentation.



Before you start:


The IMC uses Zoom to conduct its presentations. The easiest way to obtain the necessary software is to use either the "Watch Now" link on the IMC website or the registration links provided on the Google calendar on the IMC home page. By following these links and providing the appropriate information, the Zoom software will automatically be installed on your machine.

Registering for a presentation in advance: 


Registration for a presentation is not a requirement, but it guarantees you a seat in the talk on the day of the presentation. We currently have 100 audience seats available per seminar.  Registering for a presentation ahead of time also provides you with reminder emails when the presentation approaches, as well as a direct link to the webinar that does not require a Webinar ID. For these reasons, the IMC recommends that attendees register in advance.


In order to register for a presentation, 


Click the presentation that you are interested in on the "Upcoming Events" section of our Home page:

(You can see the same calendar on the Full Schedule page.)

Click the link "Register for the Webinar here." It will open a new window directed to the registration form of the presentation. 

 Fill in your name and email address and click "Register."

You have successfully registered for the presentation! A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. 

Joining a presentation:


Once you have the Zoom application installed, you can join a presentation by:

clicking the Watch Now! button on the IMC website

clicking the link provided by a confirmation email for registration

entering the Webinar ID and your contact information at

(Webinar IDs can be found on the Full Schedule page by clicking the presentation that you are interested in)

entering the Webinar ID in the iPhone or Android app


In a newly opened window, click the "Launch Application" button. If this is the first time for you to join the webinar, it will automatically install the application.

Once you have joined a presentation you will see the following interface and can wait for the presentation to officially begin:

Asking a question during a presentation:


When the presentation starts,the IMC staff will monitor both the email inbox as well as the Q&A box within the Zoom application. The moderator will review the questions and ask them to the presenter live on-air. 

If you experience any technical difficulty in joining a presentation or participating in a discussion, please visit the Zoom FAQ or the Zoom customer support page for further information. For other inquiries, please contact

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