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What is the IMC?


The International Methods Colloquium (IMC) is a periodic on-line interactive seminar discussion on the application of quantitative statistical methodology to the social sciences. Its goal is to make the discussion of cutting edge techniques and interesting applications accessible to scholars, students, and data scientists all over the world -- free of charge.


How it works


Participation in the IMC as an audience member (and a part of our interactive discussion section) is free and available to the public. To participate in one of our sessions, please take a look at our upcoming events calendar or the full schedule of events in the coming year. We currently have 1,000 audience seats available per seminar. To guarantee yourself a place, click on the event in the calendar to pre-register. You may also click "Watch Now!" to view an event in progress.


Participation in the IMC as a presenter is free and available to qualified contributors. The schedule is determined by Dr. Justin Esarey, Principal Investigator and Associate Professor at Wake Forest University, in consultation with the IMC advisory board. The advisory board of the IMC currently includes:



Michelle Dion, Associate Professor at McMaster University

Cassy Dorff, Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico

Jeffrey J. Harden, Associate Professor at the Unviersity of Notre Dame

Dustin Tingley, Professor at Harvard University

Christopher Zorn, Liberal Arts Research Professor at the Pennsylvania State University


Those who wish to participate in the IMC should click on the "For Presenters" menu and submit a title and abstract for consideration.


At present, the IMC is powered by Zoom. Zoom allows audience participation on a variety of platforms, including PC/Mac, tablet, and smartphone. Technical details of participating in the IMC as an audience member or presenter are included in the "For Presenters" and "For Viewers" menu respectively. If you are a first-time participant, we recommend that you review these procedures before the start of the seminar for the best experience.


The IMC is supported by Wake Forest University and was previously supported by Rice University and the National Science Foundation under Grant No. SES-1423825. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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