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International Methods Colloquium Schedule for AY 2019/2020

On behalf of the advisory board (Michelle Dion, Cassy Dorff, Jeff Harden, Dustin Tingley, and Chris Zorn), I am pleased to announce the schedule of International Methods Colloquium series talks for the 2019-2020 academic year! Note that all talks begin at 12:00 Eastern Time and last precisely one hour. Here is our schedule of presenters (and a link to our Google Calendar): Fall Semester November 1: Sarah Shugars, Northeastern University [click to register] November 8: Tara Slough, UC Berkeley / Columbia / NYU [click to register] November 15: Amelia Hoover Green, Drexel University [click to register] November 22: Korhan Kocak, Princeton University [click to register] December 6: Moritz Marbach, ETH-Zurich [click to register] Spring Semester February 7: Walter Mebane, University of Michigan [click to register] February 14: Amanda Bittner, Memorial University of Newfoundland [click to register] February 21: Joe Ornstein, Washington University in St. Louis [click to register] February 28: Luke Sanford, UC San Diego [click to register] March 6: David Carlson, Koc University [click to register] March 20: Jeff Gill, American University [click to register] March 27: Ludovic Rheault, University of Toronto [click to register] April 3: Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Quantitative Research Methods [click to register] Additional information for each talk (including a title and a link to a relevant paper) will be released closer to its date.

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